For sale, a luxury penthouse in the Har Homa neighborhood.

Penthouse For Sale

More Features

  • AC
  • Private Entrance
  • Succah Balcony
  • Alarm
  • Private Parking
  • Terrace
  • Bathtub
  • Private Roof
  • View
  • Elevator
  • Shabbath Elevator
  • WiFi
  • Full accessibility
  • Storage Room
  • Windows Bars


Penthouse for sale in the Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusalem On Baba Sally Street, which is in demand in a project built by the Hasid Brothers.

In this small, high-quality building between 6 floors, this stunning penthouse apartment is located!
Property area – 135 sqm
Terrace area – 100 sqm
Originally the house was 6 rooms but due to the need of the property owners it was converted to 5 rooms and at any given time it is possible to return the situation back to its former state.

The penthouse extends alone on an entire floor with no neighbors – complete privacy .

Attached to it are 3 parking spaces and a private warehouse.
There is also full access to the penthouse from both the entrance and the parking lot of the building.
The penthouse is centrally located in a convenient location in the Har Homa neighborhood, where an amusement park can be found a short walk (a few minutes(… Total neighborhood center – supermarket, laundry, fast food and more…
The central location of the house allows tenants to get in and out of the neighborhood with the vehicle quickly without any delays

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